awards. kinda dusty in here though, no?
June 23, 1999
heheh, i got this one ages ago, but it's still mah first award. *cuddles*
 Awww, this morning I was checking my yahoo mail, and I came across something that brought me such surprise and joy that I must share it all with you! *looks through her junk mail* was it the cookie recipe? nahh.. not it.. oh, yeah, there it is. yayyy, Neo Saturn liked this place enough to go to the trouble of giving it an award :) Oh happy happy oi oi.

October 28, 1999
an award! for me! Look at the cute widdle Umi! *cuddles*
Oooh, look! Another award. *feels all luved and stuff* And the site it's from is pretty damn spiffy, so if you liiiike Umi or MKR, go visit. [click the award. click click click]

February 19, 2000
look! touched by an angel. *giggles*
  Sailor Orion [who's a pretty spiffy and tragic fan ficcy senshi] was feeling quite giving this evening/morning, and she thought my site was lovely. *sniffs* I never thought I'd make lovely. Oh thank you Orion!
oooh! i luv it. *cuddles*


Not only is it a lovely site, but she thought it was a favorite worthy one. *sniffs*
wow.. all i can say. wow..
 Finally, maybe my favorite award from Sailor Orion. It's *sniff* so pretty. and it shows my obsession. Look at all the swirly colors.... *is immediatley hypnotized for the next year or so*

July 2, 2001
Venus Shrine of Excellence award, courtesy of V-Babe
Yay! Our first award for the year 2001! It comes from a site I first visited last night of all things. Amazing how the cosmos works, isn't it? Seriously though, you should go to see The V-Nut Gallery. It's time well spent. You might want to head straight for the Treasure hunt, that way you can learn and be on the lookout all at the same time. It's a fun idea. ^___^ The funny thing is, I was just wishing for this award last night when I saw it.. *cuddles the award* It makes up for losing that minako plushie on ebay! *purrs*

July 23, 2001
Sailor Rainbow's award for a totally perfect *purr* Sailorvenus Site!
 Wowza, when it rains, it pours. Well, not literally, but hey. I got this snazzy little award in the mail not too long ago and voila! Two awards for 2001. ^___^ I feel special. This site appears to be fairly new and I wish it well and hope it continues to grow and expand and to learn. Because isn't that really what this is all about? *end philosophical babble*

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